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XM2 Aerial is a leading designer, distributor and operator of advanced UAV platforms. We partner with leading vendors of UAV hardware, software and systems to design complete solutions capable of operating in any environment.

We work with companies in a range of industries to explore how UAV can be deployed to advance their commercial, research and operational objectives. The use of UAV in commercial and government applications is growing exponentially and we are at the forefront of leading their use into complex environments.



At our core we are systems integrators. Deep knowledge of the global UAV market, combined with constant R&D allows us to design solutions for the most complex industrial environments

Our heavy-lift UAV platforms are among the most advanced in the world. They are modular in design which allows configuration to match the technical and operation need of each mission. We partner with leading manufacturers of other UAV so that we have access to the most extensive and advanced fleet of UAV possible. Our extensive experience combined with technical capability allows us to focus on designing a complete solution for any given application.

Industrial Applications

We design end-to-end solutions that deliver high quality data to our clients so they can make rapid, informed decisions

We have significant experience in designing the use of autonomous vehicles into complex workflows. The answer in not merely in the type of UAV to deploy. The value of data gathering from aerial or land based vehicles comes from full integration of the technology so that the data capture, storage and access are seamless. We design solutions that fully integrate the best technology globally into complex workflows. We are experts in deploying high spec sensors aerially such as LiDar, hyper-spectral, thermal, HD video and photos. We partner with leading software vendors to create 3D models, photogrammetry and cataloguing of our customer’s data sets.

Whether its designing solutions, integrating into workflows or delivering data in meaningful ways, XM2 are partnering with some of the biggest companies in the world to unlock the true potential that aerial data gathering can provide.