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Improve the way you manage
your quarry site.

  • Lower costs and more efficient control of your stockpiles.

  • Minimal access is required around plant or stock areas.

  • Increased safety and reduced OHS issues.

  • Data at your fingertips.


Rapid planning & execution


Significant reduction in safety risks


Cost effective solutions, providing more regular surveys & inspections

Highly intuitive cloud based
data interface.

✓  Measure stockpile volumes.

✓  Measure distance, gradients and surface areas.

✓  View site assets.

✓  Insert gradient line overlay.

✓  Export images.

✓  Compare with previous surveys. 

✓  Access your site from any computer with 

     an internet connection.

  • No Need to clean or level stockpiles. We can accurately  measure volume with undulating and irregular shapes.
  • Share cloud based software with other people in your organization via email. Control their level of access or remove their access at any time.
  • Measure GPS and elevation of any point on your survey by hovering the mouse icon over your point of interest. Coordinates and Elevation is displayed.
  • Fast results. Short time required onsite and with processing completed with 24 hours we have your data ready to view far quicker than previous methods.