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Flight Foundations

Learning to fly drones for the first time can be challenging, there is mountains of information and flight laws to digest. We have taken our experience and expert knowledge and distilled it into an easy to understand 2 day course that covers the basics of what you need to know to fly UAVs safely and legally.

This 2 day course covers the essentials of flying drones, from operating safely and ensuring that you have all the right equipment for the job, to what you need to know to take your recreational drone flying and ultimately turn it into a profession. This course is designed to provide students with the skill and knowledge they need to confidently take their first drone into the air.

UAVAIR is a highly experienced and professional training company, committed to delivering the highest quality training in the most efficient and clearest way possible. The Flight Foundations course is developed by industry experts that have worked in the industry for years and have used that knowledge to create a concise course containing the essentials of what you need to know about flying RPAs. We are here to make sure that you are as prepared as you can be to take to the skies. You do not need to own a drone to attend our course, we supply all the equipment.


If you wish to fly drones commercially under the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s Sub 2kg rule you may want to consider insurance. Most insurers require drone operators to have an RePL license to be eligible for insurance. QBE Insurance have accessed our Flight Foundations course and deemed individuals who have completed our Flight Foundations course to be eligible for RPAS Insurance from QBE Insurance. You can learn more about RPAS insurance.

Course Overview

Course Length

2 days


N/A, Perfect for Beginners

Flying Activity

4 hours


Certificate of Attendance in Foundations of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Operation, You will also be eligible for RPA Insurance from QBE Insurance upon completion

Course Locations

Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle, Melbourne


Everything is provided

Course content will include :

• Drone Overview
• Copter Overview
• Simulator Training and Indoor micro drone challenge
• Dangers When Flying
• Laws, what you need to know
• Copter Care
• Fly 1 – Flying with Phantom 4
• Fly 2 – Flight challenge

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Our Flight Foundations Course costs just $995. Best of all, if you complete the course and want to go on and complete our AVI30316 Certificate III in Aviation
(Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight) course later we’ll take off $300 from your professional training price.

About Us

UAVAIR is a joint venture of Basair Aviation College and Airsight Australia.

CASA Certified UAS Operator
Certificate Holder
XM2 Aerial Pty Ltd
826416 1-ZXY9Z


UAVAIR is a joint venture of Basair Aviation College and Airsight Australia.

Contact Us

Phone :

Email : info@xm2.com

Locations: Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Townsville, Tamworth, Canberra

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